five fires

11 Nov

i try to focus on

the shimmery

buzz on my

face when i

slowly crook my

finger around

the neck of

this heady coral rose

i try to slow down

the feeling of pure

romance when i

hook and pull those

gorgeous obscene petals

to my face as if

to kiss as if

to be much more

than friends more

than one life can

allow fall to

the ground


vine together

all our sharpest

shadows until

in utter joy we

grow into

spindles into

bright sun into

sidewalk into



below the hemline

8 Nov

i don’t know when

it was i lost you

lost me

picked you up

put you down you

picked me up

put me down

somewhere the shine just

became opaque

became cold metal

hulking slowly

down it’s own


loosened itself

shrugged and shuddered

split off into

the sunset

slow heartbeat

dark sky

the lonesome



of us

shield your eyes

5 Nov

a heavy and rusty


at the bottom of the ocean

witnesses the secret love affairs

of the dark and suddenly

bright things

and sighs

feels the scratchy orange

coral rubbing seductively

against it so


holds the schools of

swimming things

safe from morning

where morning is

love and love is



shadow puppet

1 Nov

you said

my heart keeps

sinking keeps

sliding keeps

recoiling keeps

gathering shards of

glass along the way


you said

imagine if suddenly

a thing with teeth stole

your heart

lit it on fire

then forced to be

swallowed by

someone else

that’s true

love i


inside the belly

31 Oct

not everyone knows

how to pluck the

stars from (nowhere)

line them up in a jar

watch them tremble

with the thrill of attention

not just any old so and so

knows how to expertly

press against the

dark blue velvet of

the night until

they are a sky body

swallowing stars


singing planets awake

my heart strung around

their celestial


dreams x dreams

29 Oct

anxiety again

the kind that drags

long nails

down my chest

closing fingers

around my larynx

i swallow glass

i shiver and shake

i tremble until

the ghosts say their piece

pass through me

huddle together in


anxiety again

and the shimmer of

a wolf on

the edges


a heartbeat

an anchor


spurs and salt

28 Oct

from the soil

under the roots

way down in the

cool darkness

you begin to sing

true you begin to

glow through

until i see that you

the one that doesn’t go to

church but knows how to

kneel real good

doesn’t go to church

but sings about angels

like i never understood

that you is still under

the underside of light

still shrugging off darkness

except now


you can

honestly sing about


long shadow

28 Oct

they said your

finger hovered

on the trigger

orange heart

some might say a

coward heart by the way

you stood in the dust

with proud hawkish face

wetting your lips

strong arms

easy slow


the hitch you get

when you really

believe your own

story and

they also say the sun

never throbbed so

never sung so

never made them

gasp so

after you left


one map ago

27 Oct

there you were in

the way the shadows

kissed the sidewalk

lit up wild dancing leaves

the way the one bird

called the other bird

how they met in the

middle between

two trees

that were already

deep in



there you were in

the endless road that

glinted a wink

on every hill

in no hurry to

find honey

before charming

the bees

where moss grows

23 Oct

bird bird bird

where do you sing

late at night when the

air is sweet with

the sweat of

pine trees

what do you magic

there in your lovely nest

when the other

songbirds sleep

when the other

flowers grow

wild in the stillness


make way for