Fuck yeah Sister Spit.

23 Apr

Sister Spit in Durham was so great. The crowd was pretty thick for a smaller town and only partially smelled like pussy and BO from the natural queer types. I got to meet the traveling glamor and everyone was so stupid friendly. I felt warmly embraced in the Sister Spit temporary family vibe, from the dark corner “why we date butches” and a kiss on the head from Brontez, to an extreme bathroom get to know you with the delightfully deranged Erin Markey, to a squeezy hug by the side stage from the adorable Kit Yan, and the moment when Justin Vivian Bond said she loved my piece (and weirdly, I think it was PMS, yes I will blame the fucking PMS, I got teary eyed).

I keep trying to pick favorites, but the whole cast of queers read and performed so well, that picking a favorite would be like a mom who tells all of her kids that she loves them the most. Speaking of moms, instead of goodbyes, I demanded that everyone hydrate and eat their greens before sailing off into the night craving a cheeseburger and a little somethin’ somethin’ else from my handsome beau.

I am still high as a kite.

Picture taken by Dante Mandala.

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