19 Apr

After a long, amazing, and adventurous life, Mr. Santo Mojito Mandala passed away today peacefully in the arms of his loving father Dante Mandala. Santo was found in the produce district of the Mission in San Francisco under a big rig. Although dirty and matted, his cuteness could not be denied. His rescuer, Jukie Sunshine, knew exactly who to take him to. As soon as Dante met Santo (almost named Diesel) he knew that they would be the best of friends.

Santo and Dante had many adventures together, including a cross country move, buying their first house together, and a near miss by a giant visiting dog named Babette who thought the hirsute Santo was a delectable cat. 

In his more svelte years, Santo had an impressive trick resume that included winking, roll over, spinning in circles like a furry ballerina, and high five. He was quite fond of food, to an alarming degree, and if he thought he was getting a treat, he would simply perform his litany of tricks all in a row to get the treat faster.

Santo could be kind of a son-of-a-bitch. He was obsessed with cheese. He barked every single time his people came home and didn’t let up until everyone was inside. He slept all day and wanted to party all night. He chased the porch kitty and ate all of her food with a surprising elderly sneaky quickness. He was possessive over Dante’s affection. He would pee on the bathroom rug just because. He bit a kid once. Maybe the kid was asking for it.

No matter what, at all times, Santo was adored. He was known to receive regular belly scratches, was served water in bed in a special Pomeranian mug, and received spa days complete with being swaddled in a towel like a baby and rocked until he slept. He was just that kind of pup.

Santo might have lost most of his slick dance moves, but he never lost his surprising wink, sassy walk, and bitchy bark. All the way until the end. He will be missed. 

Santo is survived by his father, Dante Mandala, his fabulous uncles Kelly Shephard and EJ Greaves, his momma friend Frances Varian (who spoiled him the best of all), and his doting step-momma, Alysia Angel.







For Santo:

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