Flop and Plop (A story for my far away pals R and also M)

16 Jun

Flop and Plop are brother and sister but nobody ever seems to know which is which!

Flop is very good at answering to Plop and Plop is very good at answering to Flop. Sometimes one of their 4 mothers will call Flop and instead, Plop will scurry under the bridge, and into the tree hole to answer “Yes, mama?” and one of the four mothers will put their many hands on their ample hips, tilt their head and say, “Are you really Flop? Because if you are really Flop then it is time to clean the toilet.” Plop, who is not Flop will turn a little greener than usual and say, “Ummm no mama, I, well I am not really Flop but in truth I am Plop so I could not possibly clean a toilet today!”

Then Plop scurries off to hide just in case one of his four Mamas finds another chore for a twin named Plop.

Today Flop and Plop are playing a game in the garden. Flop has asked Plop to cut the heads off of Mama number 3’s roses. Plop, who happens to love all growing things doesn’t want to. Flop says “Oh, don’t be such a ninny! They’ll grow back.” Plop looks down at the ground. “Name calling isn’t very nice.” Plop says back quietly. Flop thinks for a minute, looks around for any one of the 4 Mama’s with 4 arms and says very sweetly, “If you cut the heads off of the roses, I will give you a bite of candy!” Plop’s eyes got very big. “CANDY?!” Plop shouts before clapping hands over mouth. “Candy” Flop whispers.

Well, Plop did love candy more than just about anything. Plus, the Mamas didn’t allow them to have candy very often. Plop paced a little, thinking it out. On the one hand, there was candy involved. On the other, the Mamas wouldn’t be able to look out of their kitchen window and see the beautiful roses all in a row while they cooked delicious dinners of grubs and flies.

Flop watched Plop pace. Plop paced.

What do you suppose happened next?

…To Be Continued




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