25 Feb





For the last 9 months I have been in deep collaboration with a brilliant graphic artist, Alison Klepatsky. I saw her sketching at a party, we began to talk about art, and before I knew it, she was sending me images from our conversation that blew me away. Each time Alison draws piece of my story I feel a beautiful ache and a knowing that Holy Roller is becoming real because of her acute vision.
What It Costs

7,500 for self-publishing. This will include a website, promotion, design, proofreading, IBSN number, color cover, e-books, marketing to book sellers, and beyond.
2,000 to pay Alison for her incredible artwork that will add exclamation marks to everything I have written. This was an amount that was agreed upon by both parties.
The rest will pay for the ability to take time off work to tour, gas and lodging, extra copies of books plus shipping cost (yes we have to pay for each book to get shipped!), and the fees associated with using Paypal, credit cards, and the IndieGoGo cut at the end.
Every donation over $25 receives a complimentary paperback book.
Every donation over $15 receives a complimentary e-book
Help Me Tell My Story
I work with homeless and at risk LGBT Youth. Nearly every day I remind one of them that that they are beautiful and worthwhile. This book is an endeavor to help me follow my own advice.
This will be my first solo book. It has been rattling in its cage long enough.
Being an artist is not free. It also makes no money! By funding my book, you give a working class writer the ability to publish and possibly tour in your town!
Other Ways You Can Help
Share this on all of your social media networks.
Contact local indie bookstores and ask them to carry the book.
Support feminist bookstores.
Use the Indiegogo share tools!


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