pick it up and throw it down

21 Nov

here is the thing

about being average

you can be a mollusk

your feminine oyster mysteries

around you

shell parted slightly

suggesting a kiss

if you are very lucky

in your lifetime at the bottom

holding up a great body of water

one of those times you

dare to part your

seductive shells

a gift of a


will get lodged

inside of you

it will give you a start

at first

who can blame you

but like all hard

working class


you will carry it with you

over time the splinter

will be smoothed by

your keening

your maybe lovely

maybe not


your nighttime stories

your dreams of

warm waters

bringing you babies

if you are average

all of the ocean floor

looks magical

every bubbling rush

from schools of fish

is a ballet

every whale song

is a perfect aria

even plankton

are precious

to an average oyster

laying gently

amongst all oysters

who someday

discovers a pearl

under her




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