from the windstorm

2 Oct

in thinking better thoughts of wars i’ve won
and my encumbered soul breathes in
you were there in those moments
that i stood on blood battled hills
the grass slick and red under my feet
you were there when i howled into a moonless sky
victory is never sweet
without you
i carried your tattered home-made valentine
under my shirt
next to my heart
next to my scarred breast
sharp against me now
you were there in the hollows
of the ribs of the beasts i slew
tearing sinews to make binding for the journal i kept
very sentence beginning with your name
you were there in the metallic hum of a summer raid
traitor heads on spits
you were there in the dense undergrowth of my hiding spot
where your face was every drop of sweat
on the brow of my captured enemy
you were there in my death
a lone arrow
piercing my heart just at the edge
bleeding me out
setting me free

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