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bird bones redux

3 Oct

it could be the

rest of our lives

that we are circling

that soft cave

i built from my

own rib cage

moss from

my own heart

there all of the

noise hovers outside

insect fury

inside we are honey

against one another

you will insist

that you were

maple syrup

when you read this

years from now

by then my hunt

will be over

yours to


the day you


train the bees



27 Aug

i caught a fish

the fish was gold

shiny fins making

clacking sounds against

its body

i asked the fish

what does freedom mean

the fish arched itself

(wadded up tinfoil)

and looked me in



i opened my

mouth to ask


i swallowed a fish

the fish was gold

ten years ago you

24 Aug

“he used to say

i was his sun”

you told me

curled up on

my blue couch

another petulant


“his sun?”

some fools

think they

love fire

only to drop it

as soon as they

feel a little


bees in the yard again

23 Aug

those who love you

would not seek to

tame you

if you let them

feed from your kills

bathe in

your stories of

you and the moon

the rippling

of the lake at night

where you watched

a lover show off

the winter you

spent without

another living


but most importantly

if you fall in love

with a mighty

oak tree

let them know


hunt for



tender trap

21 Aug

i am more funny

when i am alone

she said

in response to

i love you

it was awkward

for as long as

eternity and

the moon

are still married

moments like this

are when you realize

sometimes you

fall in love with

a ghost


along the berry path

21 Aug

in my dream you

left for good

though we searched

it wasn’t until

the chimes got so

sickening in my ears

that i was brave enough

to follow them

there you were

the earth rooting you

your eyes perpetual

to the center

of terra firm

hands over your ears

though i whispered

all my most ornate


it could be never

that the vines make

their way into

your rib cage

this thing grips

18 Aug

thinking on

all of the

fireflies i named

after constellations

while you were

in space

you once told me

your feet were meant

to be submerged in salt water

your guts came only

when the salmon

fought for home

but your head

belongs to the wind

so naturally i

never asked

about your


because you

never said

you had


slow dance

17 Aug

how many times

did you have to

drink whiskey

to remember that

my heart is

so ripe on

the vine

how many midnight

ravens did i send

to your windowsill

how many


grew in the wake

of your north feet

that summer

the trees went

to war

number 21

16 Aug

you shoved a

load of bread

and a few packets

of salt

on my counter

this is what my people


do you know the apartment

with the view of a brick wall

where i woke up to rain

bouncing off of the metal

pole snaking along the


counting your

dreams of


forget the paperwork

14 Aug

in hindsight

you were probably

just a lighthouse

in the middle of

my ocean heart


you should know

a lot of seafaring

hopefuls died

while we had

our love affair