17 Sep


I have wanted my own playhouse slash writing studio since forever and now I finally have it! With the money you all gave to become subscribers, savings, and huge monetary help from my sweet Dante, I had the shell built by a company that does playhouses, choosing my own design and exterior paint. They delivered it to my backyard with drywall, wired for electricity, and a plywood floor. In the following months I obtained some floating wood floors from a salvage place, an old mantel that had to be stripped of lead paint, cut to a smaller size, and painted, and painted the dry wall. With the help of my handy friend Erin, it was transformed! Soon the loft will have beadboard from Erin’s house and will become a cozy bed. I also intend to buy Victorian style fish scale siding for the front above the door, create a floating bookshelf in the apex over the door on the inside, create a stone patio, and maybe do solar? I hope to also host artists, dreamers, and travelers galore.

More photos here:

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